Why Choose Us

Let us help take the stress out of mealtimes!

The team at Eat Play Grow assist parents and their children through the challenges of feeding, ranging from infant feeding, transition to solids, independence in eating and family mealtimes, to more considerable needs such as food aversion and tube weaning.  We are passionate about maximising the child’s long term skills and enjoyment of food, as well as reducing stress and anxiety for parents often associated with mealtimes.

Eat Play Grow provides a team assessment followed by a collaborative therapy plan. The team work together with families to address the issues impacting on feeding and development.

We are experienced in working with:

  • Infants who are experiencing difficulty with feeding (breast or bottle) or difficulty transitioning to solids/ progressing with textures
  • Infants - prematurity,  failure to thrive/poor growth, complex medical presentations
  • Infants and children with medical, neurological, physical or developmental conditions impacting on feeding.
  • Infants and children who are transitioning off nasogastric or peg feeds.
  • Children who are fussy or selective eaters or experiencing food /oral aversion
  • Children experiencing gagging or vomiting when feeding or poor swallowing, chewing and or oromotor skills

This approach allows for comprehensive assessment as well as a well coordinated treatment plan.

The areas addressed include:

  • Growth and nutrition
  • Oral motor/sensory skills
  • Motor skills and positioning
  • Sensory processing
  • Daily routine including appetite rgulation and sleeping
  • Behaviour 
  • Food variety and texture progression
  • Mealtime, stress and anxiety
  • Mealtime interaction