Feeding Services


Specialised feeding assessments are ideally conducted so each therapist takes part to help identify the underlying cause for the feeding difficulties:

Assessment includes:

  • Information gathering
  • Feeding observation
  • Initial feedback and strategies
  • Report and or Feeding plan/ recommendations (optional)
  • Correspondence to appropriate agencies eg referrer, Paediatrician, GP.

Following assessment the team will implement an individualised treatment plan which could be any of the following:

  • Additional assessment if required
  • Individual therapy 
  • Home program
  • Home or community visit 
  • Mealtime group therapy

Individual Feeding Therapy

Individual feeding therapy consists of a variety of approaches to assist the child  to explore and progress with their feeding skills in a safe environment. 

It allows for further assessment and gives the child time to get to know the team and settle into the environment.  This may be recommended for some children before progressing onto group therapy.

Feeding Group Therapy

Eating is often considered a social experience and it is well documented that children often eat better when eating with their family or peers.  We utilise this within group therapy.

Group therapy is provided to children with similar feeding goals.  Activities and food offered is carefully introduced according to the children’s abilities and goals.

Education Sessions

Education sessions can be provided to assist different stages and areas of feeding.  The following topics are provided:

  • Introduction to solids
  • Texture progression
  • Mealtime behaviour
  • Feeding skills
  • Development and feeding
  • Pre feeding group education